What is PurpleLane?

PurpleLane is a Reward Based program developed with customer psychology embedded into the functionality of the product while giving a platform to businesses to convert their walk-in customers to loyal customers.

Our partner stores would be able to issue digital point-based cards to their customers without distinguishing between a walk-in customer or a regular customer. And start rewarding the customers from their first visit, to retain and engage them to be loyal fans of the store.

The terms are decided by the partner store on how the points could be claimed and redeemed. PurpleLane only provides the platform to our partner stores, to allow their customers to be part of their families and to be loyal members of their families. To know more about the terms and conditions of the partner stores, scroll to the bottom of the individual digital card on your app.

How does PurpleLane work?

When you visit a partner store of PurpleLane, they would either ask you for your mobile number or you could request them to enroll you into the PurpleLane Reward Based Programme of that partner shop. To know more about the Partner Stores of PurpleLane, visit the home section.

As you pay the bill at the partner store, they would enter your bill value into our platform and a Digital Point Based card ("Digital Reward Card") would be created attached to the mobile number you have given for enrolling into the program.

The Digital Reward Card from the Partner Store would be visible on your PurpleLane app (cards section), learn more by clicking the card.

On your next visit, you could either redeem your points based on the terms and conditions set by the partner store or keep collecting more points on the card.

Do remind the Partner Store to always keep your card updated as you collect or redeem.

Who is a Partner Store?

Partner Stores are those businesses that have launched the PurpleLane Reward Based Program to their customers offering them their product and service through an effective incentivized program. Please check the home screen on the PurpleLane App and you would see all our current partner stores, from where you could enroll in their Reward Program using our platform.

Partner Stores would be pushing deals to the Purple Community (PurpleLane App users), giving gift cards, and letting the community grab coupons issued by them.

How to get Points?

With every bill payment made by you, the partner store would be adding points to your digital reward card on your eligible tier. The Redeemable Points are these collected points and in monetary value, it is 1 point = 1 MVR. The Partner Store decides the value and terms for the collecting of the points, for more information check the Terms (T&C) section at the bottom of every card.

Every Partner Store has its customized point collection and redemption policy. Please read the terms carefully.

How to Redeem Points?

The Points can be redeemed based on the terms set by the partner store. The full discretion of this is given to the partner store to decide how they would want their customers to use the points collected. For more information read the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the card and their redemption policy.

Can I use points between two partner stores?

No, you would not be able to use the points collected from one partner store on another partner store. Your visit and transaction of one partner store are limited to that partner store only. This is done to ensure your data is protected and does not benefit the other partner store.

How do I claim missing points?

You can claim missing points by contacting the partner store and providing them with the details of your visit. You can find the contact details at the bottom of the Digital Reward Card of that partner store.

PurpleLane would be not responsible for any missing points from the Partner Stores, as they manage the point collection and redemption through their terminals or our platform. 

How to Transfer or Gift Points or Bill Splits?

PurpleLane is developed focusing on customer behaviour as well as Store Owner's needs and one of the critical elements we wanted to address was how the points could be transferred between customers as gifts or bill splits.

We have made it very simple, just click transfer points in the claimable points section and add the person's number to whom you want to transfer or gift and the number of points you want to transfer and SEND POINTS. You can use this feature to split the rewards with your friends after going dutch and one person collecting points for the bill.

Can I transfer my points between two partner stores?

No, you would only be able to transfer points between different Partner Stores and the person to whom you want to transfer the points should already be enrolled as a member in the same Partner Store as you want to transfer the points from.

How to use the Pay-Upfront or TOP UP?

Those who have enabled the Pay-upfront or Top-Up option for their customers would be visible on the Digital Reward Card. To top up your Digital Reward card, you would need to visit the Partner Store and pay upfront to them.

Once the top-up is completed, you would be able to see your balance and the transaction history you have made through it. You would be getting an SMS for every transaction made using this service and if there are any discrepancies, you could call the contact number provided by the partner store, which would be mentioned in the SMS.

Who is a Mayor?

Based on the number of times you visit a partner store, we would be getting points and the person with the highest visit would be called the “Mayor” of that Partner Store. This is the person you would see inside the Digital Reward Card of the Partner Store, which would also indicate how many visits, you have to make to become the Mayor of the Partner Store.

For a visit to be considered, you have to make a bill payment above the base value set in the tier as defined in the terms and conditions by the Partner Store.

The best part about becoming a Mayor is that the Partner Store would be throwing your additional perks and offers your way. Just enjoy this stardom while you can and continue it.

What are VIP Tiers or tier-based cards?

Every customer who walks into any of our Partner Stores is eligible to become a member of the Reward-Based Program. Based on your visits, the Partner Store would be able to upgrade or downgrade your card to VIP Tiers. 

PurpleLane lets the Partner Stores issue Bronze, Silver, and Gold VIP Tiers to their customers. These tiers are issued (upgraded or downgraded) by the Partner Stores and PurpleLane has no discretion or saying on how these tiers should be issued and to whom.

What are the Perks of a VIP Tier?

With a VIP tier, you would be able to collect more points as you spend in your favorite partner store based on the values set and the partner stores would be throwing more offers and perks your way to keep you engaged and valued.

How to Redeem Coupons?

Once you grab a coupon, you could go to the partner store and redeem it on your purchase based on the terms mentioned on the coupon redemption.

How to get a Gift Card?

Gift Card values are set by the Partner Stores and issued by the partner stores. To get or give a gift card, visit the partner store and you could get a gift card or you can even give a gift card to your loved ones.

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